The following tactical concepts should be used as a base when building tactical understanding with your players.

Hanley and Hewitt discuss tacticsConsistent percentages

Each player should understand the difference between creating unforced errors compared to forced errors. Read more

Know the zones

The court is broken up into three equal sections. Read more

Understand the court

The following four rules help to explain the court and its dimensions to players. Read more

Directional changes

A player should only look to change direction when in excellent court position. Read more

Centre the ball

The best error a player can make is long. Read more

The short ball

Players need to understand that when coming towards the net, it is essential to get into a great net position. Read more

Winning plays

(1-2 sequence)

Each player must understand tennis is made up of combinations of stokes that will lead to successful outcomes. Read more


(Defensive, Neutral and Offensive)

This directly relates to the court position of the player. Read more

Low volleys

This concept outlines the importance of playing the percentages. Read more

Changing gears

(changing tactics and rhythm during a match)

The final concept outlines players’ ability to change their tactics during the match. Read more