Understand the court

The following four rules help to explain the court and its dimensions to players. Following these rules will allow for a higher percentage of tennis to be played.

Four quadrants:

(see figure 3.1) as you move into the two sections of the court closer to the net, a greater angle is created in which you can execute the stroke, allowing/putting your opponent under more pressure.

Height equals depth:

Having your strokes clear the net by over a metre will help create depth on your strokes. Depth is the backbone of any attacking game, as it creates pressure on your opponent and can often lead to a short ball.

Safe lines:

(see figure 3.2) Each player should know the safe lines to hit through that will give them some margin for error. By creating safe lines a metre inside the lines, it will help to reduce errors and build pressure on the opponent; this is specifically useful when approaching the net.

Safe spots:

Each player should understand the areas of the court to hit to when under pressure and out of position. When taken out of court a player should aim for a high and deep shot down the middle to buy time to get back in position.

Understand the court