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Find out how to enter or apply for a wildcard in Australian Pro Tour events

How do I enter Pro Tour events?

For ITF Pro Circuit events, entry is through the ITF IPIN website.  All players entering ITF Pro Circuit tournaments must have a valid IPIN and have paid the annual fee for the IPIN online service.  Players who enter or sign in without a valid IPIN and/or have not paid the annual fee may have their entry rejected.

For ATP Challenger events, only ATP ranked players can enter through the ATP Player Zone website.  From 2016, all non ATP ranked players or players without a current ATP Player Zone registration need a wildcard to participate in the tournament with a maximum of six qualifying wildcards places available.  Qualifying wildcards are declared after the completion of the qualifying sign-in.

See each tournament’s fact sheet for exact playing days and qualifying sign-in dates and times as these may vary from event to event.

How do I withdraw from Pro Tour events?

For ITF Pro Circuit events, withdrawals can be made up to the freeze deadline (14:00 GMT on the Thursday prior to the tournament week) through the IPIN system.  After the freeze deadline when entry lists will no longer move, withdrawals must be made on the ITF withdrawal form and sent both to the ITF and the referee of the event before the close of the qualifying sign-in.

Players are entitled to 3 late withdrawals offences from ITF Pro Circuit events each year without penalty.  An “off-site medical note” from a players own doctor is not required nor can one be used to protect or save a player from a late withdrawal offence.

Players are committed to the event if they appear on the main draw or qualifying list as at the freeze deadline and non-appearance or an incorrect withdrawal of committed players may attract a monetary fine from the ITF as a no-show offence.  Alternate players as at the freeze deadline are not committed to the event.

Please regularly visit the acceptance lists on the ITF Pro Circuit website up to the freeze deadline as entry lists often move substantially in advance of the freeze deadline.

For more information on the withdrawal procedure from ITF Pro Circuit events, please visit the ITF Rule Clarification document.

Acceptance lists and rankings

The acceptance lists for each ITF Pro Tour event is released on the ITF Pro Circuit website immediately after the entry deadline has passed. The acceptance list places players in order based on the ATP/WTA World rankings and national rankings thereafter. However, the ITF Pro Circuit office only accepts the national rankings of the Top 500 Australian players. Players outside of this list are drawn into their position on the acceptance list in random order. International players with an Australian Ranking will not be on the Australian National Ranking list that is sent to the ITF Pro Circuit office.

Please be aware that this specific Australian Rankings list is only accepted by the ITF Pro Circuit office four times per year. Because of this, we send the latest Australian Rankings to the ITF Pro Circuit office in time for the start of each Australian circuit and not on a fortnightly basis throughout the year.

The acceptance lists for ATP events are only available on the ATP Player Zone website.


Players who wish to be considered for wildcards into Pro Tour events must apply before the wildcard application deadline.

To apply for a wildcard visit the wildcard application page

Get an IPIN

To get an IPIN, visit the ITF IPIN website

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For more information about entering and IPIN visit the ITF IPIN website

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