» Download PDF version of 2021 Australian Ranking Tournaments calendar Jan-Jul

The calendar for 2021 will be released in multiple parts with the first instalment to include the January to March period. The second instalment has now been included with April to July (end of school holiday) tournaments. During this period, a variety of tournaments will be held around Australia to provide many playing opportunities across the country.

Australian Money Tournaments (AMT) and Junior Tournament (JT) Platinum and Gold series tournaments have now returned in the second instalment of the calendar.

Universal Tennis Rating (UTR) will be used for entry acceptance in to tournaments, with seedings to be based on Australian Rankings.

A frequently asked questions document is now available here. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Tournaments team in your state/territory or the Tennis Australia Tournaments team via email: [email protected]

Last Updated:  03 March 2021

FIFS tournaments are implementing the “First-In, First-Served” entry procedure
FAST4 tournaments are conducted using the “FAST4” scoring format