COVID-19 Community Tennis Guidelines for Continued Play

Last updated 1 April 2020

This is a rapidly evolving issue, please ensure you refer to the Tennis body in your State or Territory regularly for the latest recommendations on dealing with COVID-19.

We all know tennis is a unique sport with many benefits – the main one being health and wellbeing.

The COVID-19 Community Tennis Guidelines for Continued Play provide details on how outdoor courts can remain open for use to help ensure people remain active, subject to strict social distancing and hygiene practices being implemented.

Tennis clubs, coaches and operators across the country are all different and operate in different local contexts. They are also independent organisations and businesses. Making an assessment of whether a safe exercise environment can be provided also depends on a range of factors, which will apply differently at each venue – it is the responsibility of each coach, club and operator to make that assessment based on their local environment.

Community Tennis

Guidelines for continued play
These guidelines are an attempt to provide advice for all involved at the community level on the safest way to continue playing.
COVID-19 hygiene poster
Use this poster to promote hand-washing and hygiene techniques.
Where to find out more information on COVID-19 and tennis.
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