Hi everyone,

So far Australia has been one of the leading nations in the world in managing COVID-19 and limiting the spread of infection. As a big, broad community we have taken pride in looking after one another and those among us who are vulnerable.

It has been one of the few positives to come out of this crisis and our tennis community has played its part. We have rallied around one another, stayed connected and are continually looking at new ways to enable people to access our great sport.

The connection between clubs, coaches, associations, players and staff from the various state and territory bodies and the national federation has been at its strongest. We have worked together as much as possible (mostly from home of course) to consolidate what we do and help keep the community safe. Now we are in the early parts of the recovery phase and want to continue that close working relationship to carefully get our sport up and running again.

As we know, tennis can play a vital role in the mental and physical health of the nation as it gets back on its feet. The very nature of our sport enables us all to comply with the social distancing and hygiene protocols with limited impact on how we play.

With ongoing advice from senior authorities and government and health, our team has pulled together a pack of information to help guide various sectors of our sport down the road to recovery. As we have seen throughout this crisis, there will be nuances among states and territories and even within them from one region to another. Much of that will be related to the rate of recovery in that area and the assessment from the relevant authority on the appropriate level of restriction.

What the team has tried to collate, is as much relevant and consistent information available to help you traverse the road to recovery and enable tennis to rally back to life and continue to be such a vital part of the Australian way of life.

See you on the courts.

Jayne Hrdlicka & Craig Tiley

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