26 March 2015 | Tennis Queensland

As we all know the JDS has been amazing this year. We have again exceeded expectations with our number breaking through the 90 players mark.

Everyone has done a great job adjusting to the venue changes, with it changing from Gordonvale, to Woree/Earlville and now we have had to take the party back to the International Tennis Center.

With Woree and Earlville only having 8 courts between them it was going to be a tight fit for the 90 entrants. After a lot of organizing between Wayne, the venues and JDS Subcommittee it was decided that the event should be held at the Cairns International Tennis Center to give the kids the best experience they could get.

The draws with times of matches will be up shortly, but it is great to see the support keeps going for such a great event and it is yet again shaping up to be yet again one of the best events we have had.

If you have any questions direct them to Wayne Fielder at [email protected]

Otherwise keep enjoying the great weather, be kind to one another and keep hitting.