1 December 2014 | Tennis Queensland

The weekend just past saw 5 clubs have their Christmas Breakups and awards days.

Blitz Tennis (Edmonton Tennis club) had a day that took over Sugar World!! With 300 attending their Christmas Party/Awards day Sugar has never been so busy!!! With the perfect sunny weather Friday Guy Thomas and his 300 strong army had the Sugar World staff wondering what was going on!!! Tennis Took over the place and the Kids had a great time playing at the new park. However did not manage to get Guy down the slides!!!!

Mission Beach , Innisfail, Farinelli Tennis Academy, Blitz Tennis (Edmonton Tennis Club), Trinity Beach Tennis Club all celebrated the year past on what was a great weekend for the Far North!!

Mission Beach and Innisfail had their awards on Friday and Saturday managing to avoid rain showing off their best Usain Bolt Impressions led by their fearless leader Wayne Fielder.

IMG_0025 IMG_0024 IMG_0023 IMG_0022 IMG_0021


There was also a awesome Day of activities at the Farinelli Tennis Academy also in Innisfail. Red ball Squads, Epic Jungle ball, Exhibition Matches and Giant Tennis were just a few of the exciting things to do at their Ultimate club challenge. There was something for everyone, and the desserts were to die for!!!!
IMG_0027 IMG_0028


Fred Lay and Trinity Beach also had a Christmas Party and awards day!! With a turn out of about 140 to a lunch that included dignitary Micheal Trout went off very well capping off a great year for the Trinity Beach Tennis Club. The kids of all ages came out dressed to impress for a fun lunch with their award winning coach.

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