25 September 2014 | Tennis Queensland

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The 5th of September was an exciting day for tennis in Warwick!

Warwick & District Tennis Association ran an information and ‘Come & Try’ stall at the Warwick West State School which proved to be a hit with many students trying their hand at ANZ Hot Shots throughout the afternoon.

With many rallies in play and children picking up a racquet for the first time or showing off their existing skill set, one player Pat Gordon reached a record 234 consecutive rally with the South Region Community Tennis Officer.

Well done to Pat who set an unbeatable record for the afternoon and scored himself 2hours of court hire on the iconic Pat Rafter Arena at the Queensland Tennis Centre!

To find out where you can play or learn ANZ Tennis Hot Shots, please visit the ANZ Tennis Hot Shots website.
For more information on tennis programs in Warwick, please click here.