Brisbane QLD, Australia, 10 May 2018 |

New South Wales has won the 2018 Pizzey Cup for the 10th consecutive year, marking their 30th title overall in the competition.

The victory came at the 2018 School Sport Australia 18-and-under National Tennis Championships, which were completed at the University of Queensland in Brisbane last weekend.

Introduced in 1978 the Pizzey Cup is a prestigious national schools team tennis championships open to students from year seven through to year 12 from every state and territory.

The undefeated NSW team consisted of Dario Kmet, Trent Marlin, Paul Howe, Jun Sasagawa, Pedro Papangelis, Rahul Desai, Michael Wassef, Srijan Singh, Violet Apisah, Grace Schumacher, Taylah Lawless, Komaki Ido, Patricia Apisah, Lara Kaplan, Angelina Teakaraanga and Lily Logue.

Western Australia finished runner-up. Final team standings were as follows:

Place Team Ties Won Ties Lost Rubbers Won Rubbers Lost
1st NSW 6 0 86 22
2nd WA 5 1 68 40
3rd QLD 4 2 61 29
4th VIC 3 3 60 30
5th SA 2 4 35 73
6th ACT 1 5 32 76
7th TAS 0 6 18 90

In the Tennis Australia Cup, an individual event held in conjunction with the Pizzey Cup, the following players were victorious:

Winner – Jerome Iaconi (WA)
Runner-up – Trent Marlin (NSW)

Winner – Violet Apisah (NSW)
Runner-up – Patricia Apisah (NSW)

Kevin Horrigan Plate – Boys (Consolation)
Winner – Matthew De Groot (WA)
Runner-up – Harry Boyd (VIC)

Kevin Horrigan Plate – Girls (Consolation)
Winner – Lexie Weir (WA)
Runner-Up – Tully Richter (SA)

The School Sport Australia All Australian Team was selected at the conclusion of the Pizzey Cup. Selections were based on players’ performance throughout the whole week of competition (individual and team results) using the Sudlow points system.

The team were presented with medallions and for the second year the All Australian Team will attend the Australian Open in 2019.

Australian Merit Team:

Boys Girls
Jerome Iaconi (WA) Violet Apisah (NSW)
Gen Naraya (WA) Patricia Apisah (NSW)
Casey Hoole (QLD) Grace Schumacher (NSW)
Finn Macnamara (QLD) Taylah Lawless (NSW)
Zac Larke (QLD) Komaki Ido (NSW)
Dario Kmet (NSW) Jasmin Starr (VIC)
Trent Marlin (NSW) Amy Stevens (VIC)
Jun Sasagawa (NSW) Tallulah Farrow (ACT)
Jamiesen Nathan (ACT) Ashleigh Simes (ACT)
Jack Clements (VIC) Lexie Weir (WA)
Sam Edgar (TAS)

Final results can be found at: