Gold Coast, Australia, 3 July 2023 | Leigh Rogers

The rising stars of Australian tennis have been have been competing at the Australian Teams Championships on the Gold Coast.

The championships were held at KDV Tennis from 23 June to 2 July, with more than 180 junior athletes competing across three different age groups.

“It has been a fantastic 10 days here on the Gold Coast, with superb weather and a great atmosphere and attitude amongst all the teams competing here,” Tournament Director Francis Soyer said.

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The tournament is one of four Australian Junior Championship events held annually, which take place on each of the Grand Slam surfaces – clay, grass and hard court.

Victoria and New South Wales shared the Wayne Reid Cup, which is presented to both the top-performing 15-and-under boys’ and girls’ team.

15-and-under boys – Wayne Reid Cup

The Victorian team of Daniel Jovanovski, Sam Simmonds and Dimitri Bagaric have claimed the Wayne Reid Cup in the 15-and-under boys’ competition.

Victoria secured the title with a 2-1 victory in the final against the ACT, who were represented by Elijah Dikkenberg, Oscar Andrews and Dylan Beeharry.

The victorious Victorian team of Daniel Jovanovski, Sam Simmonds, Aryan Karnani and manager Adrian Lombardi. Picture: Tennis Australia

Jovanovski and Simmonds combined in the deciding doubles rubber to record a 6-3 6-3 victory against Dikkenberg and Beeharry.

Wayne Reid Cup
Boys – final standings
Position Team
1 Victoria
3 South Australia
4 New South Wales
5 Queensland
6 New Zealand
7 Western Australia
8 Tasmania
9 Pacific Oceania

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15-and-under girls – Wayne Reid Cup

New South Wales completed a 2-0 sweep against Western Australia in the 15-and-under girls’ final to secure the Wayne Reid Cup.

Natalie Gaft, Kimiko Cooper and Audrey Aulia represented New South Wales, while the Western Australian team consisted of Alice Stevens, Tara Aleksic and Amy Findlay.

The New South Wales team of Natalie Gaft, Kimiko Cooper and Audrey Aulia celebrate their victory. Picture: Tennis Australia

This is the second consecutive year that New South Wales have won the 15-and-under girls’ competition.

Wayne Reid Cup
Girls – final standings
Position Team
1 New South Wales
2 Western Australia
3 Victoria
4 Queensland
5 South Australia
7 New Zealand
8 Tasmania/Northern Territory
9 Pacific Oceania

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