Brisbane QLD, Australia, 12 November 2014 | Tennis Queensland

Sunshine Coast Breakers Men

The Sunshine Coast Breakers enjoyed a successful 2013 season, finishing third overall. They look to step up the game this year to reach the final, and potentially win their first ATL Queensland Conference title.

The Breakers’ squad contains a good mix of youth and experience and will be banking on the in-form pair of Luke Immanuel Harvey and Calum Puttergill to help them achieve good results this season. The Breakers also boast a grand slam finalist in Andrew Kratzmann, who made the Australian Open doubles final in 2000.

Sunshine Coast Breakers Women

The Sunshine Coast Breakers will be looking to a new recruit to help win their first title and to move forward from their fourth place finish last season.

The Breakers have recruited the highly rated Kaylah McPhee from the Tennyson Volt and have retained one of their stars from last year, Katie Lee, as well as local talent Somer Dalla Bona. Other new players include Shan-Ying Barr and Tenika McGiffin.