Perth WA, Australia, 13 November 2013 | Tennis Australia

The Cheetahs are a home-grown team. Brendan Malarkey is Sorrento’s number 1 State League player with a CTR of 2.1 He is joined by Joel Pleydell, 2.2 and Richard Sampson, the State League Most Valuable Player last season and also the head coach at Sorrento.


Dominic Bechard is WA’s best performing 17 year old and plays State League with a CTR of 2.2. He has an Australian Ranking of 131. He has won three AMT’s in WA in 2013 as well as the U18’s in the Tasmanian Open. Dominic was a finalist in the WA Open (Platinum) in October, losing to Zach Itzstein (1) after beating Matt Roso (2) in three sets in the semi-final.


Connor McAlpine is also a top junior in WA with an AR of 326. He has been in the quarters and semi’s of three AMT’s in WA in 2013.


Wildcard, Marco Benussi is a 23 year old right-hander from Milan, Italy. He comes to Perth after playing in the Slovak Republic F4 and F3 events.