Melbourne, 25 October 2010 | Tennis Australia

Tennis Australia’s 10th president, Steve Healy, officially took office this morning pledging to try and get more Australians playing the sport than ever before.

Former Davis Cup captain John Fitzgerald will be a member of his new board while two existing members were returned.

New South Wales lawyer Healy takes over from Geoff Pollard who has held the position since 1989.

Healy is adamant he wants to grow tennis beyond anything it has ever been in this country.

“We know what a great sport it is and we know that there is a potentially massive appetite for the game among people of all ages.

“I am really excited about the massive effort that is being put into both enticing newcomers into the sport and re-igniting the passion for tennis among those who have stopped playing,” Healy said.

“I want you to know that despite the many challenges I am determined to make a real difference and that the sole motivation for everything I do in this position will be simple … to make our sport the best it can be in this country and get as many people we can playing it.”

Healy promised a very conciliatory and common-sense approach to the role. He said he wanted to pay particular attention to grass-roots tennis and player development and is keen to oversee great strides in both areas.

Retiring Davis Cup Captain John Fitzgerald was elected to the board this morning while existing board members Harold Mitchell AC and Graeme Holloway were returned.

Fitzgerald fills the position left vacated by Healy’s elevation.

“I’m excited because I feel strongly about tennis moving forward,” Fitzgerald said this morning.

“I’ve got some ideas and I’d like to be part of it. I feel this is a major responsibility but I’m happy to put my hand up and do the work.”

Harold Mitchell was also elected as the second Vice President alongside Ashley Cooper AO.

The Tennis Australia Board now comprises:

The Tennis Australia Board now comprises:
* Steve Healy (President)
* Ashley Cooper AO and Harold Mitchell AC (Vice Presidents)
* Janet Young
* Scott Tanner
* Chris Freeman AM
* Graeme Holloway
* John Fitzgerald
* Bill Cossey AM