Good recruiting is key

With the tennis industry becoming increasingly commercial, greater emphasis needs to be placed on fostering healthy club-coach relationships.

In order to establish and preserve healthy relationships, there are a number of key factors that should be considered by tennis coaches looking to establish themselves at tennis clubs, and for clubs looking to appoint a coach.

What’s your purpose?

Prior to going through the checklist, it is important the club clarifies the overall purpose of the coaches’ role. This needs to be decided on prior to looking at the recruitment or appointment process.

Get an advantage with a Tennis Australia coach

Whether you’re just starting out or a superstar in the making, you’ll want a Tennis Australia coach member on your side. They have the highest level of qualification, which means they have the technical expertise to develop your skills faster than ever. You’ll benefit from a first class coach that can help you maximise your potential and give your game that extra advantage.

Help is here

The following resources will assist both clubs and coaches in the recruitment process.

Club Resources Coach resources
What to look for in a coach Considerations when applying for a new coaching role
Services description template Services description template
Interview and evaluation criteria template Preparing for an interview
  Need to update your resume?
  Resume template No. 1
  Resume template No. 2
  Resume template No.3
  Resume template No.4
  Writing a letter of application
  Letter of application template