This year we are expanding our offering of professional development opportunities for conference delegates as well as those coaches looking for a targeted Masterclass experience with our international speakers.  We’ll be hosting a suite of intimate and interactive Masterclasses at Melbourne Park and other local venues. Each Masterclass includes ground pass access to the Australian Open.



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Attending the full conference? Opt-in to each Masterclass for only
Not attending the conference or only attending one day? Each Masterclass is available for $99.00

Masterclass Topics

‘What Makes a Great Club Coach?’ with Sam Bradshaw, Rufus Keown and Chris Moody (Coach Development Team)
  • Optimising your private lessons with technology and planning
  • Explore feeding for performance within the game-based approach
  • Develop your coaching eye and improve your observational skills

‘Turning Potential into Performance’ with Brett McLennan and Steve Blundell (National Academy Coaches)
  • Explore a competency-based framework to develop talent
  • Learn how to objectively measure and assess attributes of a developing talent
  • Experience practical on-court examples of how to develop the attributes and characteristics of your player

‘Learning to Perform’ with Adam Carey (National Academy Coach)
  • Explore situational based coaching design for high performance tennis players
  • Make sessions measurable, accountable and age appropriate
  • Create behavioural change in coach and athlete

‘How to Utilise the Power of Video for Coaching and Business Promotion’ with Nick Gissing (Owner: Break Point Analysis)
  • Learn how you can make a living as a coach who doesn’t coach.
  • Gain insight into the best practices for framing, shooting and delivering footage to your players.
  • Stay ahead of the technology curve and differentiate your business with video analysis.
  • Unlock the hidden potential of data driven coaching.

‘The Master Coach of the Future’ with Dr. Damien Lafont (VidaMind) and Natalie Deane
  • How much influence does a coach really have? What science now knows about ‘The Influence Factor’
  • What a great coach has that a good coach doesn’t
  • The ultimate coaching culture – creating a fertile environment for player development
  • Where self-confidence and self-esteem differ
  • Dealing with athletes’ unconscious ‘blocks’
  • Practical applications of centering, balancing tensions and inducing flow
  • Adapting to pressure – teaching resilience in today’s athletes

‘Athletes: From Promising to Powerful’ with Dr. Damien Lafont (VidaMind) and Natalie Deane
  • Explore what really makes an athlete progress, why athletes remain ‘stuck’ and what you can do about it
  • Learn how to quickly change cycles of athlete perfectionism, over-thinking and negativity
  • Discover the neuroscience of belief and how thoughts and emotions change the body’s ability to perform
‘The Path Forward’ with Dr. Damien Lafont (VidaMind) and Natalie Deane
  • Explore mindfulness in sport – the good, the bad and the ugly. What works and why
  • Discover deep practice – what it is, how it makes a difference and how to implement it
  • Learn about neuroplasticity: how knowledge and experience change and evolve your brain
  • Practice coaching happiness: how to avoid burnout, maintain equilibrium and create the ultimate coaching impact for your athletes
‘The Science of Racquet & String Technology’ with Jay Deacon


  • Properties and how it affects the way we play
  • Customising to maximise an individual’s potential

Strings, Balls and Bounce

  • Understanding the interactions between the strings, court and balls
  • Busting the myths around strings

Spin and Swings

  • Understanding the role of spin in the modern game
  • Mechanics of generating “Modern” spin rates

Meet Our Speakers

Mike Barrell
Mike Barrell
Mike has taught tennis for over 25 years working with players of all levels and is the Founder and CEO of evolve9. He has worked on programs for USTA, Tennis Australia, LTA, Chinese Tennis Association and many other tennis nations. Mike was the author of the ITF Tennis10s Manual and has a been a major contributor to Under 10 programs around the World. As well as his role as Director of evolve9, he also works for the LTA as a Coach Education Master Tutor, delivering coach education, certification and training. An LTA Level 5 Licensed Coach, he was also the 2007 PTR Professional of the Year.
Mark Tennant
Mark Tennant
Mark has over 30 years’ experience as a Coach, Coach Educator and Venue Manager in the UK, specialising in particular in developing starter players. As Director of inspire2coach, a company he co-founded in 2007, he not only manages more than 30 tennis facilities across the UK, but is a highly impactful Coach Educator.
Ruben Neyens
Ruben Neyens
Ruben is the head of coach education and head physical coach for the High Performance Department of U12 tennis for Tennis Vlaanderen in Belgium. Together with a team, Ruben coordinates programs and projects like KidsTennis, physical coach development, regional workshops and many more. He is co-author of the manual KidsTennis and developed the physical coach manual and several other coach education programmes.
Tennis play and Stay Seminar at the Queens Club Dave Miley of ITF at  the  at Queens Club London England  26th February 2007 
pic Tommy Hindley/Professional Sport
David Miley
David was the Executive Director of Tennis Development for the ITF for over 20 years, overseeing juniors, seniors and wheelchair tennis. David established the ITF's Coach Education program in 1993 and was involved in the ITF recommended coach syllabus, which is now available in over 20 languages. He was also responsible for the launch of ITF Tennis iCoach. He was the chair of the ITF Intro to Tennis Task Force for increasing tennis participation, and the development of the under 10's program, including the use of the red, orange and green balls.
Edgar Giffenig
Edgar Giffenig
Edgar has been involved in tennis player development for the last 25 years. Currently, Edgar is the Director of Instruction at Smith Stearns Tennis Academy in the USA, as well as a partner at TennisGate, a company specialising in tennis player development media. Edgar has also released a book, "Developing High Performance Tennis Players" which was published in July 2013.
Feisal Hassan
A USPTA and RPT(Registro Profesional de Tenis) Spanish Master Professional, Feisal is the Vice President on the USPTA National Board. He is a member of the Head/Penn Racquet Sports National Advisory Board and National Speaker’s Bureau, a TIA Cardio Tennis Trainer and holds USPTA specialist degrees in Competitive Player Development, Facility Management, Sport Science and Little Tennis. He is on the USTA National Faculty for Youth Coaching and co-chairs the USPTA National Education Committee and USPTA National Testing Committee. Feisal serves as an instructional clinician for the “On Court with USPTA” series featured on the Tennis Channel and was voted Tennis Industry magazine’s prestigious “40 Under 40”.
Craig OShannessy HeadShot
Craig O'Shannessy
Craig is an Australian tour coach and Director of the Brain Game – a sports science website that specializes in the video analysis of tennis matches that teaches the patterns of play that dominate our game. Craig is widely recognized as the world leader in teaching tennis tactics and is the strategy analyst for the ATP World Tour, WTA Tennis and the New York Times and Tennis Magazine. Craig has researched thousands of matches using his unique Dartfish Match Tagging software to unlock the secrets of our game and uncover the patterns and percentages that really matter. He teaches this knowledge through his website and also on court with players at all levels of the game.
Damien LaFont
Damien LaFont
Damien Lafont, Ph.D. is a peak performance and mental training expert, tennis coach, author and educator in the field of science of performance. He has worked with elite and Olympic athletes in major sports including tennis, swimming, UFC, BMX, and golf. Now based in Melbourne, Australia, as Director of Vida Mind, the sport psych branch of Vida, one of the largest tennis academy in Australia, Dr Lafont provides mental training and tennis coaching; one-on-one locally and worldwide.
Natalie Deane
Natalie is an author, mental coach, clinical hypnotherapist and strength and conditioning coach. Natalie has been coaching clients for over 20 years and has worked with hundreds of athletes all over Australia, including Olympians, World Champions and National teams.
Nick Gissing
Nick Gissing
Nick is the founder and director of BreakPoint Analysis, a nationally recognised video analysis company that provides video analysis services to junior and aspiring professional players. In his four years at BreakPoint Analysis, Nick has filmed approximately 40,000 matches at over 200 tournaments, and provided data driven solutions to help players and businesses improve through the power of video. Nick is a Club Professional coach, with a Bachelor in Exercise Science and a Master of Management from Melbourne University, where he currently runs the tennis program. Previous roles at Tennis Australia saw him provide video analysis to Sam Stosur, and help create and develop the Tennis Australia Technique App.
Craig Cignarelli
Craig Cignarelli
Craig Cignarelli is one of America’s most prolific player development coaches. With six #1 ranked national players and a five-year stint coaching at the tour level, Craig has worked with players at every stage of the game. With insight stemming from time with Robert Lansdorp, Pancho Segura, Paul Annacone and Eliot Teltscher, his emphasis on tactical structure makes him unique among conventional coaches.
Clint Fyfe
Clint is the Tennis Australia Talent Development Manager in Queensland. Clint previously worked as a private coach, producing 8 National Singles Champions, and was a Tournament Director for numerous Pro Tour and Junior ITF events. He is a former winner of the National Talent Development Coaching Excellence Award, a 4-time finalist at the National Awards and 4-time winner of the Queensland Coaching Excellence Award.
Jay Deacon
Jay is the master stringer who will bust myths and make you a modern day stringing master.
Brett McLennan
Brett McLennan
Brett is Tennis Australia’s Talent Performance Coach for Victoria's 12-15 boys. He had previously worked as Coach Development Manager for VIC and TAS, responsible for the team delivering coaching qualifications and ongoing professional development for coaches, teachers and volunteers in both states. Brett has over 20 years coaching experience both here and in the UK where he worked in High Performance training academies, specialising in Talent Development programs and pathways for U/12 children. He holds a Tennis Australia High Performance Coaching qualification, a Bachelor of Business Marketing, and a Cert IV in Training and Assessment.