Performance Coach (Level 3) & Performance Leader (Level 4)

Tennis Australia’s Performance Coach (Level 3) qualification is designed to achieve the following objectives:

  • Maximise the potential of the coach and the athletes they work with
  • Ensure that coaching practices are sustainable, efficient and effective
  • Provide education and training opportunities to increase personal and professional knowledge, leading to a competitive advantage
  • Facilitate the sharing of knowledge and experiences among coaches to enhance learning, trust, collaboration and to challenge contemporary practices in order to promote continuous improvement
  • Develop world-leading coaches who are able to produce exceptional athletes on and off the court.

This qualification prepares coaches to work in two specialised areas of performance coaching:

  • Development – Coaches that develop players aged 8-16 years, leading the development of foundational skills that are robust and competitive on the world’s stage.
  • Tour – Coaches endeavouring to convert players in transition to the Top 100 or are coaching established players in the Top 100.

To cater for the individual needs of our course participants and their current or future aspirations, the course consists of two core modules with 17 units and two speciality streams – Development or Tour.
All coaches will complete the core units, and then must select a speciality stream.  This will also be assessed/established in the assessment, selection and or induction phases.


Course structure

Core Units

Module 1 – Performance Coach Leader

  • Unit 1 – Serial winning coaches
  • Unit 2 – Believe framework
  • Unit 3 – Sustainable performance
  • Unit 4 – Leadership
  • Unit 5 – Professional presenting and public speaking

Module 2 – Performance Coaching

  • Unit 6 – The responsibilities of being a performance coach
  • Unit 7 – Performance Planning
    • *Know the Level – players
    • *Know & Be the Level – coaching practice
  • Unit 8 – Performance Tactics
  • Unit 9 – Performance Stroke Production
  • Unit 10 – Performance Movement & Footwork
  • Unit 11 – Performance Psychology
  • Unit 12 – Coaching Female Performance players
  • Unit 13 – Skill Acquisition
  • Unit 14 – Performance Nutrition
  • Unit 15 – Performance Technology
  • Unit 16 – Performance Equipment
  • Unit 17 – Winning, Continuous Improvement and Learning

Speciality Units


  • HPD1 – Understand & coach the demands of youth and adolescence
  • HPD2 – Tactics for performance junior players
  • HPD3 – Long Term Athlete Development planning for performance junior players
  • HPD4 – Stroke production for performance junior players
  • HPD5 – National Camp exposure and coaching experience
  • HPD6 – Trust, relationships and player well-being


  • HPT1 – Understand and coach the demands of tour players
  • HPT2 – Tactics for tour players
  • HPT3 – Psychology for tour players
  • HPT4 – International Junior ITF/ITF/WTA or ATP coaching experience
  • HPT5 – Trust, relationships, player well-being and longevity
  • HPT6 – The role of an ATP/WTA touring coach
  • HPT7 – Advanced professional presenting and public speaking


When and where is the next course?

View the course calendar on our website for details on the next Performance Coach (Level 3) Course.


Further questions

If you have additional questions on either the Performance Coach (Level 3) Course or Performance Leader (Level 4) Course, please contact the Course Coordinator, Belinda Colaneri, at [email protected]