Club Professional (Level 2)

A Club Professional (Level 2) coach is able to plan and deliver a range of coaching programs for beginners through to advanced players across the lifespan.  These coaches have expertise in a number of areas including: developing players, planning and delivering competitions and managing a business.

Club Professional (Level 2) coaches may work a variety of roles at clubs, centres schools or academies.  Some coaches work primarily on-court in a coaching role.  Others are Head coaches, leading a coaching team, combining on-court coaching with off-court responsibilities.  A number of Club Professional (Level 2) coaches focus on developing talent development players, while others are business operators, managing a business and/or a venue.  The Club Professional (Level 2) coaching course prepares coaches to perform these roles.

To cater for the individual needs of our course participants and where they are in their coaching journey, the course consists of ten core units and two elective streams – Talent Development and Business Development.  All coaches complete the core units and then can select a number of elective units from one or both elective streams which best suit their needs.


Course structure

Core units

C1 Develop players
C2 Plan programs and competitions
C3 Plan and deliver inclusive coaching
C4 Plan social play
C5 Provide advice about equipment (1)
C6 Provide parent engagement and education
C7 Manage personal well-being
C8 Prepare to manage a business
C9 Identify risk and apply risk management processes / implement and monitor work health and safety policies

Elective units – Business Development

BD1 Manage and develop staff
BD2 Prepare a marketing plan
BD3 Develop a business website
BD4 Prepare a small business plan
BD5 Conduct a tennis event

Elective units – Talent Development

TD1 Coach high performing players aged 8-13 years
TD2 Analyse stroke production of high performing junior players
TD3 Analyse matches and plan for improvement
TD4 Implement physical conditioning activities
TD5 Support players to develop psychological skills for tennis
TD6 Support players to prevent injuries
TD7 Provide nutrition information to players





21 days of core units + a minimum of 6 days of elective units – Course participants will have 18 months from the start date to complete units totalling 16 credit points.



$2,740 (inc. GST)


Recommended for:

Development (Level 1) coaches aiming to start a coaching business and become a head coach at a club/centre and for those who are coaching talented club players


Career outcomes

Tennis Australia Club Professional (Level 2) Coach – These coaches are managing a small business, providing a range of coaching programs and services, managing and training staff, liaising with club volunteers and/or local council.  Club Professional (Level 2) coaches may also be coaching talented regional and state level players.


When and where is the next course?

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How do I enrol?

Click the ‘Enrol Now‘ link is located under the course name on the course calendar. If you have additional questions, please contact the Coach Development Specialist in your state or territory.