Register your players

Register your players online using the ClubSpark membership module. The image below describes the different options to consider to register players.

Why register players?
  • Keep player details in one spot and send information using the communication tool
  • Registered players can access benefits such Personal Accident Insurance and Australian Open pre-sale tickets before they are available to the general public
There are 3 options for registering players:
  1. Online membership: Players can register to your club online via ClubSpark
  2. Manual registration: You can register your club’s players online via ClubSpark
  3. Spreadsheet assistance: To help transition your club to ClubSpark. Tennis will update your club’s membership information once through a spreadsheet.

The below table may assist in selecting the best option for your club:

Option Option Name ClubSpark How to Register Considerations


Online Memberships (Recommended) Yes Players join your club online.

The club can still handle members who do not wish to pay online.

  • Saves administration
  • Players have the convenience of paying membership online via credit 
  • Players that join/renew online will create an online tennis account
  • Full training and support provided


Manual Registration Yes Players join your club offline (e.g. paper form and EFT/Cheque) and your club administrator updates their membership and details directly into ClubSpark
  • Club must manually enter paper-based memberships into ClubSpark.
  • Players must action an email to create a ClubSpark account


Spreadsheet assistance
(Not recommended)
No Players join your club offline and your club updates a spreadsheet that is sent to your Club Development Officer.
  • Players and their membership details are imported into ClubSpark on behalf of the club. This service will only be available once when progressing to using ClubSpark.
  • Players must action an email to create a ClubSpark account


Download a membership form