Community Grants

Grants and other funding programs are available from the Australian, state and territory governments, and in some cases from local councils. Not-for-profit organisations have the opportunity to claim a stake in this funding pool, which may assist clubs in a range of projects from participation incentives to major facility upgrades.  It is important that you chose the right grant to match the size and scope of your project.

Competition for government grants is strong as tennis clubs must compete with other sporting clubs and community groups for the funding. It is important that adequate time is taken in submitting a professional and competitive grant application.

Clubs should seek stakeholder support and assistance where possible. Also, your local council’s grant department may be able to assist you as well as your Community Tennis Officer and Member Association.

Please ensure you check eligibility criteria before applying and be aware that Tennis Australia has no say in who receives the funds. Your Member Association’s website may have additional information on funding and grant opportunities. The following funding programs are available:

> National Funding Programs

> State Funding Programs

> Local Funding Programs