Entry Information

Tennis Australia would like to inform all players, parents and coaches of the tournament structure for the very popular Australian Money Tournaments. Below is a list of the major changes that have been implemented across Australia.


There has been an 81% increase in the number of Australian Ranking tournaments between 2007 and 2010.  The success of this growth has seen the number of tournament entries increase by 59% over this same period.  However, the overall number of entries in each tournament has declined by 11% and the average number of games per match is hovering around 16 games (i.e. 6-2 6-2 results).

Qualifying Format

Since 2013, it has been optional for Australian Money Tournaments – Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze categories to implement the main draw & qualifying formats.  These tournaments must choose what main draw and qualifying draw size they wish to operate under when applying for a tournament.  For example, main draw only or a larger main draw option with a qualifying event (48 or 64-player main draw and 32 qualifying event for example).

Mandatory online entry and My Tennis membership numbers

To assist all staff and volunteers to effectively manage their tournaments, it will be mandatory for all players to enter all Australian Ranking events in 2018 via the online entry system (no exceptions).

You may have noticed already that the online system only allows players enter tournaments that have a valid My Tennis membership number, which are an 11-digit membership number starting with “61”. To find your My Tennis membership number or to register for a My Tennis membership number, please contact the Tennis Australia Customer Support team on [email protected] or call 1800 PLAYTENNIS.

Entry Closing Dates

All Australian Money Tournaments will close their entries either 10 or 14 days prior to the start of the qualifying event and will not be extending their entry closing dates.  So players, parents and coaches will need to be switched on to avoid disappointment.

Acceptance Lists

Once the tournament entries have closed, each tournament will compile an acceptance list, showing the list of players that have been accepted directly into the main draw and the list of players that are required to compete in the qualifying event.  There will be a withdrawal deadline (7 days prior to the start), so players will need to keep an eye on the acceptance list as it will be constantly update.


All Australian Money Tournaments, in consultation with the relevant Member Association will have the opportunity to award a select number of wildcards directly into the main draw and into qualifying.

Questions, Regulations and Feedback

Tennis Australia have produced a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) document to help explain some questions you might have.  Click here to view the document.

The 2018 Australian Ranking Tournament Regulations and updated Australian Ranking points tables and regulations are now available for you to view, click here.

All Australian Money Tournaments have been made aware of the changes that are being implemented for 2018, but we kindly ask for your patience and cooperation during this rollout.  Any questions or feedback can be sent via email: [email protected]