Melbourne, Australia, 26 January 2024 | Leigh Rogers

Two Australians have the chance to win coveted Grand Slam titles on day 14 at Australian Open 2024.

Emerson Jones, a 15-year-old from the Gold Coast, will compete in the girls’ singles final, while Matt Ebden, a 36-year-old from Perth, features in the men’s doubles final this evening.

“I’m going to give it my all and just have fun out there,” Jones said about contesting her first Grand Slam final at Rod Laver Arena.

“It’ll be an amazing experience.”

World No.4 Ebden is no stranger to this stage. This is his seventh Grand Slam final and fourth at Melbourne Park.

“I’ve been lucky to have won this tournament in mixed doubles some years back, I know what that feels like. I count that as a blessing, for sure,” Ebden said. “Of course the plan is to win this one.

“I know what it’s like to lose as well … (but) these are the matches you want to be playing and competing for.

“Whatever happens, I’m happy to be out there competing for Grand Slam titles.”

As a record-breaking Australian Open comes to a close, there is still plenty of action happening across Melbourne Park’s outside courts.

Four Aussie players – Archie Graham, Mitchell James, Kelly Wren and Andriana Petrakis – are unbeaten so far during the round-robin stage of the Australian Open PWII Championships.

The singles finalists will be decided by day’s end, with the final round-robin matches followed by semifinals this afternoon.

There are also two Aussies competing in the Australian Open DHoH Championships, with Isabel Cairns and Glen Flindell carrying local hopes.

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For fans who cannot make it to Melbourne Park, the Australian Open is broadcast live in Australia on the Nine Network and Stan Sport.

Aussies in action on day 14:

Girls’ singles, final
[6] Emerson Jones (AUS) v [1] Renata Jamrichova (SVK), Rod Laver Arena, day session, first match (from 12pm AEDT)

Men’s doubles, final
[2] Matt Ebden (AUS)/Rohan Bopanna (IND) v Simone Bolelli (ITA)/Andrea Vavassori (ITA), Rod Laver Arena, night session, second match

PWII Championships, women’s singles round robin
Carla Lenarduzzi (AUS) v Sophia Schmidt (GER), Court 6, second match
[3] Kelly Wren (AUS) v [1] Anna McBride (GBR), Court 7, second match
[4] Andriana Petrakis (AUS) v [2] Hanne Lavreysen (BEL), Court 8, second match
Breanna Tunny (AUS) v Lily Mills (GBR), Court 11, second match

PWII Championships, men’s singles round robin
Joshua Holloway (AUS) v Aidan Moody (GBR), Court 6, first match (from 11am AEDT)
[1] Archie Graham (AUS) v [3] Oliver Beadle (GBR), Court 7, first match (from 11am AEDT)
[4] Mitchell James (AUS) v [2] Fabrice Higgins (GBR), Court 8, first match (from 11am AEDT)
Damian Phillips (AUS) v Lakshmi Jadala (IND), Court 11, first match (from 11am AEDT)

PWII Championships, women’s doubles round robin
Breanna Tunny (AUS)/Kelly Wren (AUS) v Carla Lenarduzzi (AUS)/Andriana Petrakis (AUS), Court 15, fifth match (not before 3.30pm AEDT)
Breanna Tunny (AUS)/Kelly Wren (AUS) v Hanne Lavreysen (BEL)/Lily Mills (GBR), Court 14, sixth match
Carla Lenarduzzi (AUS)/Andriana Petrakis (AUS) v Anna McBride (GBR)/Sophia Schmidt (GER), Court 15, sixth match

PWII Championships, men’s doubles round robin
Mitchell James (AUS)/Damian Phillips (AUS) v Archie Graham (AUS)/Joshua Holloway (AUS), Court 12, sixth match
Mitchell James (AUS)/Damian Phillips (AUS) 
v Fabrice Higgins (GBR)/Lakshmi Jadala (IND), Court 13, fifth match
Archie Graham (AUS)/Joshua Holloway (AUS)
v Oliver Beadle (GBR)/Aidan Moody (GBR), Court 12, fifth match (not before 3.30pm AEDT)

DHoH Championships, women’s singles round robin
Isabel Cairns (AUS) v Miyu Kita (JPN), Court 14, first match (from 11am AEDT)

DHoH Championships, men’s singles round robin
Glen Flindell (AUS) v Andres Vazquerz (ECU), Court 14, second match

DHoH Championships, women’s doubles round robin
Isabel Cairns (AUS)/Rina Komokata (JPN) v Miyu Kita (JPN)/Yuria Miyagawa (JPN), Court 11, fifth match
Isabel Cairns (AUS)
/Rina Komokata (JPN) v Katerina Blascikova (CZE)/Stasa Srbuloviv (SRB), Court 7, sixth match

DHoH Championships, men’s doubles round robin
Glen Flindell (AUS)/Prithvi Sekhar (IND) v Olivier Grave (FRA)/Marino Kegl (SLO), Court 6, fifth match (not before 3.30pm)
Glen Flindell (AUS)/Prithvi Sekhar (IND) v Esah Hayat (GBR)/Gabor Mathe (HUN), Court 6, sixth match

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