Melbourne, 26 January 2023 |

Data analytics platform Amperfii has been selected to take part in the inaugural AO StartUps pilot program.

Amperfii’s technology platform coordinates teams and their data projects to maximise business results and opportunities.

The launch of AO StartUps is the latest step in Tennis Australia’s innovation program which helps early-stage companies pilot their cutting-edge technology at the Australian Open and other areas of Australian tennis.

“We have all seen or read Moneyball and it’s no secret that data plays a massive role in sports to aid better decision making, however with advances in technology we now have more data points available than ever before. The challenge though, is often not in the analysis itself, but more so the coordination of teams and prioritisation to maximise results,” Tennis Australia Head of Innovation Dr Machar Reid said.

Tennis Australia will pilot the Amperfii data platform throughout 2023 to help better coordinate and drive more impactful results with critical data projects.

“We are excited to pilot the Amperfii technology to bring increased business rigour to our data program across our organisation,” Tennis Australia Director of Data and Insights Su Jella said.

“While we could all benefit from a better understanding of the data we have available, being able to identify, manage and coordinate teams across our data projects is even more important. That is where Amperfii comes in.”

Sandra Hogan, Amperfii co-founder, has spent over 25 years in senior data and analytics roles at major organisations like SAS, Telstra, EY and Origin. It’s with this experience with data projects where the importance of the process behind the project is most important in achieving desired results.

“We’re incredibly excited to be part of the AO StartUps program. Data and the value that it can unlock is everywhere – as we look to help leaders leverage their data for bigger impact, our collaboration with AO Startups and Tennis Australia is the perfect opportunity to accelerate innovation with data,” Ms Hogan said.

About Amperfii

Amperfii is an Aussie software-as-a-service startup on a mission to improve business engagement with data & analytics teams across Australia and the world.  Our innovative platform helps leaders bring their data & analytics program to life – providing better visibility for all stakeholders, fostering stronger alignment & collaboration, and putting a spotlight on business value – so that organisations can leverage data for bigger impact.

About AO Startups

AO StartUps is the latest step in Tennis Australia’s innovation program which helps startup companies pilot their cutting-edge technology at the AO and other areas of Tennis Australia’s business.  Companies participating in AO StartUps will be provided the opportunity to prove their business models in real-time and directly access proprietary intel and exposure at one of the world’s largest sports and entertainment events. It’s been designed to extract maximum value for the startup, streamline corporate processes that can often stifle innovating at speed, and provide an opportunity for future investment via Tennis Australia’s venture capital fund, Wildcard Ventures. Visit for more information.

The creation of AO StartUps follows the launch of Tennis Australia’s Venture Capital fund (Wildcard Ventures) and its multi-year partnership with global accelerator powerhouse, Techstars.