Melbourne, 23 March 2021 |

Australian tennis coaches and players will now be able to access real-time artificial intelligence video analysis through a new partnership between technology start-up SwingVision and Tennis Australia.

Founded by ex-Tesla engineer and Berkeley data science professor Swupnil Sahai, SwingVision is a mobile app that uses proprietary A.I. to track player and ball movements from just a single smartphone or tablet.

The two-year partnership is a result of the inaugural Techstars SportsTech Melbourne Accelerator, which saw SwingVision selected as one of the 10 companies to take part in the 12-week intensive program.

“Finding new ways to connect people to tennis and constantly looking at ways to innovate the game are why we launched the SportsTech Accelerator last year and we are excited to welcome SwingVision to the Tennis family as a result,” Tennis Australia CEO Craig Tiley said.

“The SwingVision product is unique in that it provides real-time statistics and video analysis in an affordable and easy to use package – something that was unheard of before now.

“Players at all levels of the game can get feedback on things like shot placement, posture or footwork while also tracking speed, type of stroke and spin from anywhere in the world through an iPhone or iPad.”

“We’re delighted to partner with such an innovative team like Tennis Australia and can’t wait to get SwingVision on every court in Australia,” SwingVision CEO Swupnil Sahai said.

“SwingVision’s A.I. turns your smartphone into your own personal performance analyst, enabling entirely new experiences for tennis players of all levels that will make the sport more fun, fair and accessible than ever before.”

Coaches especially will benefit from the partnership which gives the more than 2200 Tennis Australia Coach members access to a Pro Subscription for free, allowing for shot tracking, video analysis and personalised insights through SwingVision’s Smart Coaching functionality.

The product has also been introduced at the National Tennis Academy so athletes and their support teams can use the A.I. capability to review training sessions and matches at a speed and scale like never before.

Included in a SwingVision Pro subscription:

  • Shot Tracking: stroke, spin, speed, placement, positioning, rally length
  • Video Analysis: rally trimming, shot/rally filters, automated highlights, cloud storage
  • Smart Coaching: session over-session comparisons, smart insights, weekly goals.

How SwingVision works:

SwingVision is a mobile app that uses artificial intelligence to analyse videos in real-time, providing shot tracking, video highlights and personalised coaching. Simply mount a phone to the back of the court, tap record and SwingVision’s AI does the rest. Using on-device machine learning, the app tracks the ball and players in real-time (no internet required) to bring the pro-quality experience no matter who or where the player is.

Download SwingVision now:

SwingVision is live on the App Store and will be available for Android later this year. Download the app for free from the App Store on iPhone, iPad or Mac now.