Australia, 23 December 2020 | Leigh Rogers

Alexandra Bozovic was a standout performer during this year’s UTR Pro Tennis Series.

The 21-year-old from Sydney won six titles during the series, which was played across Australia over the past six months.

Women’s events were held in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne, providing an opportunity for professional athletes to play matches and earn prize money during the global COVID-19 pandemic.

Bozovic won five of her titles in Pool A competitions. This included victory in Brisbane on Saturday, where Bozovic recorded a 6-3 6-1 win against Destanee Aiava in the final.

A total of 10 women won Pool A titles across the series.

Player Titles won
Alexandra Bozovic 5
Lizette Cabrera 4
Olivia Gadecki 4
Destanee Aiava 3
Ellen Perez 3
Daria Gavrilova 2
Maddison Inglis 2
Abbie Myers 1
Annerly Poulos 1
Storm Sanders 1

Bozovic won the most matches of all 58 women who competed in the series. She won 25 of her 31 Pool A matches, and recorded a further three wins in Pool B.

Olivia Gadecki, an 18-year-old from the Gold Coast, recorded the second highest number of Pool A match wins. She won a total of 22 – which included a 15-match winning streak between August and November.

Gadecki also notably improved her Universal Tennis Rating, improving from 10.77 at the start of the series to her current rating of 11.35.

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Player Wins Losses
Alexandra Bozovic 25 6
Olivia Gadecki 22 10
Maddison Inglis 20 6
Lizette Cabrera 19 5
Destanee Aiava 16 3
Abbie Myers 14 14
Lisa Mays 14 16
Ellen Perez 13 5
Daria Gavrilova 9 1
Storm Sanders 9 3

Daria Gavrilova had the best winning percentage of all Pool A competitors, winning 90 per cent of the matches she contested.

The former world No.20, who competed in three Melbourne events in November and December, won two titles.

Player Winning percentage
Daria Gavrilova 90%
Destanee Aiava 84%
Alexandra Bozovic 80%
Lizette Cabrera 79%
Maddison Inglis 76%

Annerly Poulos, a 17-year-old from Canberra, won four titles across the series. This included three Pool B titles, the most of any competitors.

Player Titles won
Annerly Poulos 3
Lara Walker 2
Zara Brankovic 1
Alexandra Bozovic 1
Renee McBryde 1
Sara Nayar 1
Shura Poppe (NED) 1
Alicia Smith 1
Grace Schumacher 1
Pranjala Yadlapalli (IND) 1

Poulos also recorded the most Pool B wins, finishing the series with 15 victories from 18 matches.

Player Wins Losses
Annerly Poulos 15 3
Lara Walker 13 5
Sara Nayar 13 8
Grace Schumacher 8 4
Renee McBryde 6 6

Female players shared a total of $417,700 in prize money across the UTR Pro Tennis Series, with 16 women earning more than $10,000 each.

Bozovic topped the prize money leaderboard, winning $31,025 from her 34 matches.

Player Total
Alexandra Bozovic $31,025
Olivia Gadecki $27,250
Maddison Inglis $22,800
Abbie Myers $22,000
Lizette Cabrera $21,700
Lisa Mays $21,100
Olivia Tjandramulia $19,550
Destanee Aiava $17,550
Ellen Perez $16,900
Annerly Poulos $15,650

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