6 October 2016 | Tennis Australia

Australia backed up their success from the world championships with another 27 medals to add to the tally during the 2016 ITF Super-Seniors World Individual Championships in Croatia held between 18-25 September.

The Super-Seniors World Team and Individual Championships are the most premier events on the ITF Super-Seniors (65 and-over) Circuit.

Below is the list of our medal winners (pictures below):


GOLD:           6

65MD             Andrew RAE (VIC) & Bruno RENOULT (FRA)

65WD             Adrienne AVIS (NSW) & Wendy GILCHRIST (QLD)

75WD             Norma McGHIE  (QLD) & June SIMPSON (VIC)

75XD              Jill TAYLOR (QLD) & Peter PORKORNY  (AUT)

80MD             Peter FROELICH (QLD) & King VAN NOSTRAND (USA)

80XD              Joyce ROGERS (VIC) & Norm RICHARDSON (NSW)


SILVER:        9

65MS              Andrew RAE (VIC)

65WS             Adrienne AVIS (NSW)

65XD              Wendy GILCHRIST (QLD) & Peter JENKINS (VIC)

75MD             Don BIDDLE (NSW) & Gordon WAYGOOD (NSW)

75WD             Jill TAYLOR (QLD) & Nanda FISCHER (GER)

80MS              Peter FROELICH (QLD)

80WS             Helen FERRIS (NSW)

85WS             Margaret FISHER (NSW)

85MD             Adrian ALLE (QLD) & Angelo SALA (ITA)


BRONZE:     12

65MD             Max BATES (QLD) & Peter JENKINS (VIC)

65WD             Jan JOHNS (QLD) & Trish GRAVEN (NZL)

70WD             Carol CAMPLING (NSW) & Frances MacLENNAN (GBR)

70WD             Judy HANCY (VIC) & Julie PRATT (NSW)

70XD              Margaret HARRIS (VIC) & Ray WEST (QLD)

75MD             Bruce REHN (SA) & John WALKER (QLD)

75XD              June SIMPSON (VIC) & Don BIDDLE (NSW)

75XD              Norma McGHIE (QLD) & Yoshihisa NARUKAWA (JPN)

80WD             Helen FERRIS (NSW) & Joyce ROGERS (VIC)

80WD             Margaret FISHER (NSW) & Rosemarie ASCH (CAN)

85MS              Adrian ALLE (QLD)

85XD              Margaret FISHER (NSW) & Adrian ALLE (QLD)

Here are some pictures (provided by Tom Hancy, Tennis Seniors Australia)

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