22 June 2016 | Tennis Australia

Australia won eight medals at the 2016 INAS World Tennis Championships in the United States last week.

Six Australian tennis players including Archie Graham (Newtown, Qld), Kelly Wren (Engadine, NSW), Mitchell James (Qld), Joshua Holloway (Qld), Damian Phillips (NSW) and Carla Lenarduzzi (Vic) travelled to Bethany Beach, Delaware to compete at the tournament in singles, doubles and mixed doubles.

Each year the INAS World Tennis Championships offer people with intellectual disabilities the opportunity to compete on an international level on the Paralympic stage. In 2016 five countries competed at the championships including Australia, USA, Italy, Poland and Czech Republic.

Final results:

Gold medal play-off

Men’s singles: Archie Graham (Qld) d Ondrej Sedlisky (CZE) 6-2 7-5
Women’s singles: Hanne Lavreysen (BEL) d Kelly Wren (NSW) 6-0 6-7 10-4
Men’s doubles: Archie Graham (Qld) / Damien Phillips (NSW) d Joshua Holloway (Qld) / Mitchell James (Qld) 0-6 7-6 10-7
Women’s doubles: Hanne Lavreysen / Lies Gielis (BEL) d Kelly Wren (NSW) / Carla Lenarduzzi (Vic) 6-7 6-2 10-4
Mixed doubles: Damien Phillips / Kelly Wren (NSW) d Jochen Fens / Hanne Lavreysen (BEL) 6-4 6-2

Bronze medal play-off

Men’s singles: Mitchell James (Qld) d Jiri Humhal (CZE) 6-1
Mixed doubles: Archie Graham (Qld) / Carla Lenarduzzi (Vic) d Brittany Tagliareni / Ryan Smith (USA) 6-1

World rankings after the 2016 INAS World Tennis Championships:


Men’s Rankings


Women’s Rankings
1. Archie Graham AUS

2. Ondrej Sedlisky CZE

3. Mitchell James AUS

4. Jiri Humhal CZE

5. Damian Phillips AUS

6. Josef Hus CZE

7. Joshua Holloway AUS

8. Jakub Jerhot CZE



1. Hanne Lavreysen BEL

2. Kelly Wren AUS

3. Brittany Tagliareni USA

4. Lies Gielis BEL

5. Carla Lenarduzzi AUS

6. Giulia Sgoifa ITA

7. Kara Diachenko USA



The next World Championships will take place in Bolton, United Kingdom from 9-15 April 2017.

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