Brisbane QLD, Australia, 6 December 2015 | Tennis Queensland

Queensland teams faired well in the Asia-Pacific Tennis League (ATL) – North Conference semi finals last night with the Tennis Brisbane Chargers and Sunshine Coast Breakers through to the men’s final tomorrow, and the Brisbane Sharks set to face interstate rivals Canberra Velocity in the women’s final.

Last night’s victories have also secured all four teams a spot in the ATL Playoffs in January during the Australian Open.


It was a close call for the Sunshine Coast Breakers with the team clinching a final’s debut after a phenomenal semifinal tie against the Brisbane Sharks.

The Sharks got two tight wins, with Oliver Anderson and Steven De Waard winning their respective rubbers in three set matches over Dayne Kelly and Thomas Fancutt. Mitchell Robins and Brandon Walkin were able to ensure the scores were level at two all heading into the doubles after claiming wins for the Breakers in the other men’s singles matches.

It all came down to the last doubles match, with Mitchell Robins and Thomas Fancutt claiming a win and a spot in the finals defeating Steven De Waard and Scott Poudziunas 4-3 4-3.

The Breakers will now face three-time defending champions, Tennis Brisbane Chargers in the men’s final tomorrow.

The Chargers are favourites to win and will be hard to beat with a line-up featuring Benjamin Mitchell, Robert Smeets, Gavin Van Pepperzeel and Maverick Banes.

The Chargers automatically progressed to the finals with the Western Sydney Warriors forfeiting the semifinal.


Brisbane Sharks continued their winning streak against the Western Sydney Warriors in the semis winning rubbers five to one.

The Sharks remain undefeated going into the final and will be hard to defeat with a line-up featuring current and former WTA-ranked players.

Canberra Velocity proved too strong for the Beenleigh Blaze, easily advancing to the finals. The Blaze were missing key players and could not compete with the strength of the Velocity team featuring four WTA ranked players and rising teenager Kaitlin Staines, losing 6-0.

The winner of the ATL North Conference will take home $12,000 with the runner up receiving $6,000. Consolation finals will also be played on Sunday for the 3 v 4 placings with the winner taking home $2,000.

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