Hobart TAS, Australia, 13 January 2015 | AAP

Tennis Australia will prop up the Hobart International as the tournament struggles for dollars, national president Steve Healy says.

The $250,000 seven-day event is in its 22nd year in 2015 and although attracting a swathe of the world’s top 30 to 60 ranked women, is operating without a major sponsor.

“We’d love it to be profitable,” Healy told reporters on Tuesday

“(It will) probably break even or maybe even slightly against will. We will continue to support it though where necessary.”

Volunteers working at the event in 2015 have been asked to wear clothing from previous years in a sign tournament organisers are watching the pennies.

Healy said not all Tennis Australia events make a profit but that it’s important to bring players Down Under ahead of the Australian Open, rather than having them prepare elsewhere.

“We want a major event in every city and we want as many of the world’s best players preparing in Australia so we will continue to support it,” he said of the Hobart tournament.

Recent attempts to attract a “big name” to the event have been fruitless, Healy said.

Only one top-10 player could take part in the tournament under WTA rules and world No.29 Casey Dellacqua is the top-seed in 2015.

In 2007 American star Serena Williams reached the quarter-finals in Hobart, boosting the event’s exposure.

Healy wants to steer at least one top player away from the Sydney International to Hobart in the future and said the island state has proven a good training ground.

“It is a very strong, deep field and a very tough tournament to win.

“And traditionally the players who have done well here have done very well in the Australian Open and I think that’s a great selling point.”

Healy said the Hobart International is locked in beyond 2015 but could not confirm for how many years.