Melbourne VIC, Australia, 15 December 2014 | Tennis Victoria

Both the women’s and men’s competition came down to the wire at the National Tennis Centre today in the finals of the Asia-Pacific Tennis League South East Conference.

Bayside Thunder edged out the MCC Stars in the women’s competition and Kooyong Classics narrowly defeated the Royal South Yarras. Both contests came down to the doubles matches, and the final results were determined by a count back on sets after all matches were tied at 3 rubbers a piece.

Thunder’s top two players, Gavrilova and Rodionova ensured a strong start for the Thunder both winning in straight sets. MCC Stars young guns Hives and Fourlis then fought back to level the match at the end of the singles rubbers.

Gavrilova/Rodionova then defeated Hives/Fourlis 4-2 4-0. A win to Zlochova/Jovanovic (MCC Stars) over Wongteanchai/Pratt (Bayside Thunder) wasn’t enough to secure the final. Bayside Thunder won by one set.

In a rematch of Super Round 5’s close encounter where the Yarras defeated the Classics by three games, Peers helped turn the table today in favour of the Classics, defeating Propoggia (Royal South Yarras) 4-2 4-2.

Jones (Kooyong Classics) held on for a hard fought win over Saville (Royal South Yarras) 2-4 4-3 4-2 and Whittington (Kooyong Classics) defeated Bolt (Royal South Yarras) 4-2 4-1. The Yarrras won both doubles rubbers in 3 sets, but Classics held on to win the final by one set.

Bayside Thunder and Kooyong Classics both collect $6,000 in prize money and will go on to represent the South East Conference at the Asia-Pacific Tennis League Playoffs during the Australian Open in January.

They will compete against other Australian State Conference winners, as well as teams from Japan, Korea, New Zealand and Pacific Oceania, with 110K prize money on offer across both the men’s and women’s competitions.

ATL Women final match scores

Daria Gavrilova (Bayside Thunder) defeated Zuzana Zlochova (MCC Stars) 4-1 4-2

Arina Rodionova (Bayside Thunder) defeated Katherine Westbury (MCC Stars) 4-1 4-3

Zoe Hives (MCC Stars) defeated Varatchaya Wongteanchai (Bayside Thunder) 4-0 2-4 4-3

Jaimee Fourlis (MCC Stars) defeated Kat Valos (Bayside Thunder) 4-0 4-0

Gavrilova/Rodionova (Bayside Thunder) defeated Hives/Fourlis (MCC Stars) 4-2 4-0

Zlochova/Jovanovic (MCC Stars) defeated Wongteanchai/Pratt (Bayside Thunders) 4-2 4-2

Final scores: 3 rubbers all, Bayside Thunder won 7 sets to 6 sets

ATL Men final match scores

Greg Jones (Kooyong Classics) defeated Luke Saville (Royal South Yarras) 2-4 4-3 4-2

Andrew Whittington (Kooyong Classics) defeated Alex Bolt (Royal South Yarras) 4-2 4-1

John Peers (Kooyong Classics) defeated Dane Propoggia (Royal South Yarras) 4-2 4-2

Adam Hubble (Royal South Yarras) defeated Daniel Byrnes (Kooyong Classics) 4-3 4-3

Saville/Bolt (Royal South Yarras) defeated Peers/Jones (Kooyong Classics) 4-3 2-4 10-5

Propoggia/Hubble (Royal South Yarras) defeated Whittington/Byrnes (Kooyong Classics) 3-4 4-1 10-7

Final scores: 3 rubbers all, Kooyong won 8 sets to 7 sets

Asia-Pacific Tennis League South East Conference 2014 – Final Standings


Men Women
Kooyong Classics Bayside Thunder
Royal South Yarras MCC Stars
Tennis World Taipans Mornington Missiles
Tasmania Devils Kooyong Classics
Waverley Warriors Frankston Firebirds
Dingley Dingoes Waverley Warriors

Star Performance Award 2014


Arina Rodionova (Bayside Thunder)


Dane Propoggia (Royal South Yarras)

Star Performance Squad 2014


Arina Rodionova (Bayside Thunder), Sally Peers (Kooyong Classics), Zuzana Zlochova (MCC Stars) and Varatchaya Wongteanchai (Bayside Thunder)


Dane Propoggia (Royal South Yarras), Adam Hubble (Royal South Yarras), David Bidmeade (Kooyong Classics) and Jarryd Maher (Tennis World Taipans)