Cooroy, Queensland, 21 November 2013 |

The Sunshine Coast hinterland community of Cooroy, Queensland is proving to be a powerful contender in the AO Blitz.

The town currently sits in third place on the AO Blitz leader board, having jumped up one place since rankings were released on Monday.

Cooroy Tennis Club coach Rob Schmitt admitted even they were surprised to be having such an impact on the competition.

“When I saw the release of the AO Blitz I thought it would be too hard and I wouldn’t have the time to be involved, but on thinking it over I decided to enlist a co-ordinator, one of our lovely members, to promote the Blitz to our members,” he said.

“They may be getting tired of our emails but I believe this is the secret to our success so far and I am delighted that for a small country town we have been able to get many people involved and keep well up the leader board.”

The town is flying the flag for Queensland as the only community from the sunshine state currently in the top 10.

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