Melbourne, Australia, 3 March 2013 | Tennis Australia

The records of players at Australian professional and junior events are now available through both the Australian Tournaments and Rankings websites.

The data, collated through Tennis Australia’s partnership with Visual Reality (owners of Tournament Planner software), dates back to the beginning of the 2012 season and includes Australian Money Tournament results as well as those on the Optus Junior Tour.

The information includes interesting facts and figures surrounding a player’s career match history, win-loss ratio and head-to-head record against other players.

Results on the ATP/WTA tour, ITF pro and junior circuits and Tennis Europe tours are not included in the data.

To access this information, follow these steps:

    1. Go to
    2. Type a player’s surname in the “Find Player” box, and click the “Find” button
    3. Click on the blue “profile” box next to the player’s record you are choosing
    4. You will arrive at the athletes’ profile page on the Australian Rankings website, where you can see the win-loss ratio of the player in the career overview screen
    5. By clicking the “Matches” tab on the left-hand-side menu, you can see all of the matches played by the athlete
    6. To see details of a player’s head-to-head results, click on the “head-to-head” link on the left-hand menu. By clicking on the “Details” link on each line, you can access information about when the match took place.

Other information can be found under the “Ranking” tab, which shows the points a player has earned in the past 12 months, and which tournaments count towards the player’s ranking (marked by the orange asterisk).

This data can also be accessed via the Australian Rankings website by clicking on the blue “Profile” buttons next to the names of players.

Plans are afoot for tournaments to begin tracking prizemoney paid to players, another category of information that will become available into the future.

It is hoped these new features ensure that the Australian Tournaments ( and Rankings ( websites remain some of the most visited pages each month.