Melbourne, Australia, 16 November 2012 | Tennis Australia

The October launch of the MLC Tennis Hot Shots (MLCTHS) National School Partnership Program has created an exciting opportunity for schools to embrace tennis and link with their local community, helping students remain healthy and active.

The program supports schools who choose to include tennis as part of their health and physical education curriculum, which so far number 150 since the program was launched last month.

The incentives to do so are numerous. Most notably, schools receive MLCTHS equipment and merchandise to the value of $1500, and a $2 rebate for each student who registers on the MLCTHS website, which the school can then use to purchase tennis equipment from Tennis Australia.

Other benefits include t-shirts and gifts for students – which can be claimed once they have registered online – and the ability for schools to purchase discounted tennis equipment through the MLCTHS website.

“I really believe in the National School Partnership Program. It’s about embracing schools, teachers and kids and giving them the support they need to deliver tennis,” said schools ambassador John Fitzgerald.

“It’s the biggest opportunity in the last 20 years to increase the number of young children participating in the sport.”

The introduction of MLCTHS into a school’s curriculum helps that school foster partnerships with MLCTHS coaches, community tennis clubs and state tennis associations, creating a positive pathway for students to enjoy a healthy, happy and active lifestyle.

To be eligible for the National School Partnership Program, schools must:

  • include tennis in their health and physical education curriculum for at least four weeks
  • make tennis equipment available to students at least twice a week during lunchtime in Terms 1 and 4
  • organise and run at least one intra-school tennis competition.

Full criteria can be found at the National School Partnership Program at