First Aid

Tennis Australia is committed to improving the quality of qualified coaches for players of all levels. To build the professionalism of our coaches and to ensure the safety and integrity of our sport, First Aid is a mandatory requirement for all Business Package and Qualified coach members.

First Aid Fact Sheet and Frequently Asked Questions

You can update your First Aid Certificate anytime by logging in to your MyTennis account.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact our team on 1800 PLAY TENNIS (752 983).


Project Defib

Project 'defib' Image

Every year an alarming number of Sudden Cardiac Arrests occur in our sporting clubs. What is even more alarming is the vast majority of clubs have not taken measures to safeguard their sporting community.

If you want to access to the  $1600.00 subsidy that allows your club to purchase a Defibrillator, training and support package for only $2600.00.

For more information  about ‘Project Defib’ you can visit their website