TennisConnect Rewards – Club FAQs

Clubs can earn $5 for every registered player who creates a tennis account.

Why is the sport investing in TennisConnect?

Tennis needs to inspire more people to play our great game. To help make this happen, we want to better understand and connect to our players.

TennisConnect provides better technology for administrators and players through:

  • Tennis applications that help make tennis administration more efficient
  • Digital opportunities for players to engage with tennis
  • Producing insights into tennis participation which can be used to generate investment in the sport.

Through the TennisConnect Rewards program Tennis is encouraging clubs to embrace this technology.

How do we earn rewards?

Clubs are rewarded $5 for every player who creates a tennis account and selects their club as their primary place of play before 31 May 2017. To qualify for the rewards a club must offer online memberships and activate the tennis payment gateway through My Tennis.

How do players create their tennis account?

There are a number of ways players can create their tennis accounts:

  1. You can invite your existing players to create their account by sending them an email via the My Tennis Rewards Tool. It is important you have players emails listed in their My Tennis record
  2. When players join as a member online through your clubs My Tennis registration page they will be required to create a tennis account.

Let you players know when they will receive their invitation to create their tennis account using this customisable promotional flyer.

What does a player need to create a tennis account?

The most important thing players need to create a tennis account is an email address. Only one tennis account can be created per email so it is important you collect up-to-date and valid emails. Players who are under 15 will be able to create their account using their parent’s email address and a username.

Players will be asked to provide:

  1. First name and surname
  2. Email
  3. Password
  4. Gender
  5. Phone
  6. DOB
  7. Postcode
  8. Primary place of play

How can my club get involved in TennisConnect Rewards

To be eligible to earn TennisConnect Rewards, you must ensure that your club has completed the following before 31 May 2017:

  • Offer online memberships through My Tennis
  • Make membership packages available online
  • Activate online payment gateway
  • Provide organisation bank details
  • Accept the TennisConnect Rewards Terms & Conditions

Clubs are not obliged to participate in TennisConnect, if you do not wish to participate you do not need to action the eligibility requirements.

Why should our players create their tennis account?

Players who create an account can:

  • Join/Renew club membership and pay fees online
  • View league fixtures and results
  • Control their personal information and communication preferences
  • Receive exclusive tennis benefits including priority access to tickets, competitions, prizes and exclusive invitations
If a player is connected with two clubs, which club receives the reward?

Tennis is offering a registration reward per player, therefore only one club can receive the reward. When a player creates their account they will be asked to provide their primary place of play, this club will receive the $5 reward for this player. Players will only be able to select clubs who they have had a membership with on or after 1 July 2015 as their primary place of play.

How do we check how much we have earned in rewards?

The My Tennis Rewards Tool includes a dashboard which will display your current award total and the amount of additional rewards you may earn if all your eligible players create a tennis account and nominate your club as their primary place of play.

How do we encourage our players to create their tennis account?

The easiest way to have existing players create their tennis account is by sending them an invitation through the My Tennis Rewards Tool. For more information on the Rewards Tool click here.

My club doesn’t use My Tennis. Can we still get involved in TennisConnect Rewards?

Using My Tennis is a key component of the rewards program as you must activate online registrations and payments using My Tennis, as well as using My Tennis to track your reward progress. If you are currently not using My Tennis it is best to contact your Participation Leader to discuss your options.

When is the reward paid and how will I receive it?

The reward program will end 31 May 2017 and Tennis Australia will finalise the total amounts to be paid. It is envisaged that your financial reward will be transferred to your nominated bank account by the end of July 2017. Only one rewards payment will be made. You will be able to keep track of the reward you have accrued through My Tennis.

How can my club use its financial reward?

It is recommended clubs reinvest their financial reward back into their courts and/or facilities for all players to enjoy. There is no restriction on how a club may use its financial reward.

Will the reward be offered every year?

The Reward program will be reviewed prior to determining any ongoing commitment.

Activate online registrations, start collecting quality data and be rewarded.