Recruitment is the process of attracting new volunteers to sport and recreation organisations. An important question to ask is ‘Why do people want to volunteer for our organisation?’

Selecting and screening

The selection process involves choosing the individual who best meets the requirements of a position. Depending upon the level of the position (policy/management or operational) the selection process can involve a number of steps which may include screening (e.g. working with children check), formal interviews, testing, reference checks and a physical examination.

However, it is not often that community based sport and recreation organisations are in a position of working through a formal volunteer selection process, because the number of positions to be filled is usually greater than the number of people prepared to volunteer.

However, things to consider are:

  • Is the position usually appointed or must be elected
  • Reference checks (working with children check, police check)

Volunteer recruitment and selection checklist:

  • Appoint volunteer coordinator
  • Prepare projections for human resource needs
  • Conduct a job analysis
  • Prepare a job description
  • Develop a recruitment plan
  • Implement recruitment plan
  • Screen applications and select (shortlist) volunteers to be interviewed
  • Conduct interviews and select successful volunteers
  • Where appropriate check volunteers’ references
  • WWCC (if working with children) and Police Check
  • Notify successful volunteers and set up a time for orientation
  • Notify unsuccessful volunteers


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