Types of Meetings

The purpose of the meeting should determine what type of meeting should be conducted:


  • Getting an agreement with minimal discussion
    • Leaders “tell the group what to agree on and how to agree. Rules and traditional procedures are used to restrict the right of speech to approved group members.
  • Getting agreement by majority vote
    • Analysis of facts and discussion is allowed, but only of “approved” agenda items.. Leaders “direct” or “chair” discussion. Resulting vote is not truly democratic
  • Reaching decisions and solving problems using consultative format
    • Open discussion is held, with unrestricted presentation of facts and opinions, followed by open debate.
  • Getting approval for decisions already made
    • Members put forward ideas and suggestions. This is where a consensus is most likely to be achieved.
  • Developing new ideas
    • Open and informal discussions have few constraints other than time limits. Leaders “consult” with the rest of the group.
  • Getting the job done
    • There is limited discussion, but wide opportunity for questions and answers on details.. Leaders “tell” or “sell” according to type of project.
  • Developing team spirit and goal setting
    • Open and informal discussion on what the sport and recreation organization should be aiming for. Leadership is still needed, but leaders should participate rather than dominate

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