Meeting Checklist

Checklist 1 2 3 4 5
1. Members feel part of the committee
2. Committee members know what has to get done
3. Committee members have respect for one another
4. Committee members have a clear idea of the organisational goals
5. When the committee has a decision to make, everyone is involved in making it.
6. Everyone’s opinion gets listened to on the committee.
7. Rarely is there bickering on the committee.
8. The knowledge, skills and experiences of individual members are well utilised by the committee.
9. There is a high degree of mutual trust among the members of the committee.
10. Conflicts are resolved on the committee and dissenting views are not overly criticised.
11. Committee members feel free to express their ideas about how the committee operates.
12. The committee is focused on how to get the job done and not who is in control.


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