Committee Elections and Evolving


  • Constitution dictates how committee should function, refer back to yours if there is any confusion
  • Usually elected at the annual general meeting (AGM)
  • Nominations communicated to whole of club(WOC) well in advance of meeting
  • Committee should analyse the current committee and review areas that they could fill (gaps) eg Age, gender and ethnic and cultural background.

Australian Sport Commission provides a great template and steps to be carried out by the committee when planning an election.

Additional support:

Club Help Changing CommitteesInduction Package



  • Plan ahead when elections will take place to reduce losing large numbers on a committee at once
  • Some clubs operate on a rolling club structure for smooth transition
  • Clearly outline handover/induction process
  • To reduce disruption to the club due to change in committee members previous members should pass on as much knowledge as possible to their replacement
  • Clearly outlined handover/induction process
  • Clear position descriptions
  • Use a committee member induction pack for all information

Additional support:

Club Help Succession PlanInduction PackageElection (changing committees)
Australian Sports Commission Committee Management


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