To be successful in fundraising, clubs need to allocate responsibility for the fundraising process. it is important to establish a fundraising subcommittee. Although the fundraising subcommittee should be responsible for planning and coordinating all fundraising efforts of the organisation, the management committee usually approves such activities before they are implemented.

The role of the fundraising subcommittee is to:

  • determine the purpose of the fundraising process
  • establish the benefits of fundraising to the sport and recreation organisations
  • identify potential sources of funds (eg donors, grant agencies and sponsors)
  • develop the fundraising plan
  • determine whether more than one agency or sponsor should be approached (if only one sponsor is selected then they should be made aware of their exclusivity)
  • write the grant application or sponsorship proposal (if required)
  • ensure acquired funds are used for the designated purpose
  • maintain relationships with donors, granting agencies, sponsors and other stakeholders as appropriate.

Additional Support:

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