Membership Options

How memberships can help build your club and community?

Affiliation reform has created a great opportunity, time to modify, diversify and innovate how your club engages with current members, potential members and the community.

By considering new types of memberships, and therefore a new structure, your club could see cost barriers removed, an increase in valuable benefits, an increase in membership as well as better connections with local businesses.

Affiliation reform can give your club the opportunity to redevelop and replan your priorities for your clubs. With the opportunity for new membership models your club could start to see an increase in many areas that were previously a weakness for your club!

The following information presents memberships examples to help build and support club communities. Each example has its own merits and should be considered and compared to your existing membership offers.

  • School Club
  • Parents Club
  • Platinum Parents Club
  • Hot Shots Club
  • Adult Lessons
  • Adult Leagues
  • Junior Leagues
  • Mini Me
  • Mid Week Ladies
  • Social Play
  • Court Hire Memberships
  • Cardio Plus
  • Student
  • Family

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