Book a Court with gate access technology: Pilot Guidelines

Tennis Australia are inviting affiliated clubs to pilot the Book a Court platform. The pilot will require the club to manage court hire operations through online bookings and payments that connects to gate access technology.

With the assistance of a National Support Team, the club will be responsible for managing the software configuration including pricing, court availability and day-to-day bookings. All court users including members will be required to book their courts online in order to receive their unique pin number to access the courts.

Pilot costs
The technology for gate access requires the installation of equipment on site. The exact costs for the supply and installation will depend on the number of access points and other elements unique to each facility. Following acceptance into the pilot a site survey will be conducted to understand the costs and any other work association.

Clubs should use the below as a guide for estimating the cost of Book a Court for their club:

  • $10,000 for a standard installation that includes with one gate with a pin pad
  • Additional $2500 for each additional gates with a pin pad
  • Additional $3000 for integrating lighting control
  • Ongoing monthly data charges of approximately $30 per month

In addition to the cost of the gate access technology, a 3% fee will apply to all online payments taken through the booking and payment platform. This fee is subject to change.

National Court Rebate
The Book a Court pilot is recognised as an approved project category of Tennis Australia’s National Court Rebate (NCR). The potential contribution from Tennis Australia is up to 50% of the project cost to a maximum of $6,000.

The NCRS funding timelines for 2016/17 are:

FUNDING ROUND Expression of Interests Open Results Announced Applications Due
Round 1 1st July 2016 – 25th August 2016 16th September 2016 28th October 2016
Round 2 21st Nov 2016 – 10th February 2017 3rd March 2017 21st April 2017

Please click here to find out more about NCR.

Obligations of pilot clubs

1.Venue must be for general public use (i.e. not a ‘members only’ venue)

2.Venue must be willing to manage all memberships and court bookings using Tennis Australia’s online applications (currently My Tennis and Book a Court)

3.Commitment to ongoing participation in the Operational Health Check tennis benchmarking survey

4.In consideration for the Support and access to Book a Court, the ATO must:

a) promote use of Book a Court to both members and non-members of the ATO;

b) generally promote the benefits of the Book a Court to the tennis community;

c) provide both members and non-members of the ATO with the ability to book courts through Book a Court;

d) keep a minimum of 50% of available court hire time via Book a Court reserved for non-members;

e) maintain an online website to link to Book a Court.

f) display signage at the Venue promoting Book a Court;

g) obtain and maintain any approvals, licences or permits required to participate in the Pilot Program, including any necessary approvals from the owner of the Venue;

h)administer and manage the use of Book a Court by maintaining up to date court schedules and records of court availability, usage and payments; and

i) where requested by TA or MA, support the systems, tournaments, research, programs and services of TA and MA.

5. ATO must remain affiliated to continue to utilise the Book a Court platform

6. ATO agrees to provide prompt feedback on the Pilot Program where requested by TA or the MA.

Click here to download pilot guidelines

Getting Involved
Contact your Participation Leader to discuss the pilot in more detail. Alternatively, complete our online form to register your interest.