Becoming a tennis official is a great way to be involved in the sport you love!

The first step towards becoming a tennis official is to undertake one of our entry level training programs.

We have two entry level courses:



This course is designed for those interested in becoming an on-court official. The course covers General Principles of officiating, as well as lineumpire techniques, voice calls, teamwork and communication. The course is a mixture of online theory and on-court practical training. Court Supervisors are responsible for monitoring a number of courts at a tournament or competition. They assist and educate players, parents and coaches; and assist in the smooth running of an event. Court Supervisors help enforce the Rules of Tennis and Code of Behaviour, as well as resolving on court queries. This course covers General Principles of officiating, communication, Rules of Tennis and player management.


There are a number of courses you can take part in:

  • Line Umpire Course – if you enjoy tennis and would like to be part of the action on court
  • Court Supervisors Course – court supervisors are off court roles which assist in ensuring play on a number of courts are running smoothly and to offer support and education to players on rules and the etiquette of tennis.  This is suited to people who love tennis, interested in the rules of the game and like communicating with a range of people.

Upcoming Line Umpire Training Session

Following the exciting summer of tennis here in ACT, there will be a number of opportunities for people who are interested in becoming a line umpire to attend a free course.

The sessions are designed to go through the background of officiating here in ACT, basics of techniques of line umpiring and then getting out and having a go on court to see what you think.

The following sessions will all be held at Canberra Tennis Centre, Lyneham:m

  • Saturday 21 April 9am-2pm
  • Saturday 16 June 9am – 2pm

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Interested in becoming an official?


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