Our Kids Tennis Program offers grants to schools and clubs to provide free before-and-after school tennis programs for disadvantaged kids. The program focuses on building confidence through rewarding positive behaviour, teaching valuable resilience skills and promoting social connections.

We ensure accredited coaches are on hand to deliver fun tennis activities and supply all the equipment needed directly to the school, which means the kids can play whenever they want to.

Each program includes a family celebration, which fosters deeper connections between families, schools and communities. Kids receive certificates recognising their resilient behaviours and positive attitude throughout the program.

Funding is available to schools and clubs to provide regular tennis coaching at no cost to families, leveling the playing field for kids who may otherwise not have the opportunity to try the sport.

Luke (the coach) made it fun and engaging and we didn’t have many absences on Thursdays except for students who were genuinely sick.” Kurmond Primary School, NSW

Over 2500 kids have been introduced to tennis through over 645 unique coaching sessions across 50 programs nationwide.

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