Launched in September 2022, Brighter Days provides relief from challenging life circumstances for young people and their families through fun, engaging tennis and social activities at flagship tennis facilities across Australia.

Over the last two years we have partnered with Children’s Cancer Foundation, Little Dreamers, the Sony Foundation and My Room nationwide to offer more than 280 children and families the opportunity to play and connect.

Brighter Days at Australian Open

Our Brighter Days program extends into the Summer of Tennis and the Australian Open Brighter Days at Australian Open provides families from our partner charities the chance to come and enjoy the festival of tennis at the Australian Open or one of the lead-in events in their closest city.

During AO 2023 Little Dreamers, the Sony Foundation, Ronald McDonald House and My Room families took the opportunity to step away from their daily challenges and enjoy the AO festival atmosphere and for a day. 

At the heart of Brighter Days is the intent to use tennis as a vehicle to create fun and meaningful memories for kids and families as they navigate extraordinary life challenges.


Here from charities we've partnered with to deliver our Brighter Days initiative.

CCF logo final
Children's Cancer Foundation family
“It’s so hard for us to all be together as a  family making today very special. We really appreciate all you’ve done. Thank you for your kindness."
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Little Dreamers ambassador
"Thank you again for such a wonderful day. The kids were raving about it all the way home. It made them feel so special and they thought it was super cool getting an insight into the professional tennis players life."
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My Room parent
“The kids haven’t stopped playing tennis all afternoon and want to start tennis lessons!! They are so excited by it all! Thank you to everyone that made today happen."
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Ronald McDonald House co-ordinator
“What a magical experience for our families to spend time learning balls skills with qualified coaches. A fabulous time was had by both the children and their parents."
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