12 February 2024 | Tennis Queensland

Excitement is building in Queensland as the new year marks the start of the Queensland Open Circuit which kicked off the calendar last month with $210,000 of prizemoney up for grabs.

Running from December through to November, the Queensland Open Circuit is a collective of all Open events, each one includes a prize pool of $3,000 or more. With events spread across the state, this circuit provides players with a diverse and competitive platform to showcase their skills.

The circuit allows players to collect prize money throughout the year, adding excitement to each event and contributing to a player’s tally for the end-of-year Money Race, offering an accumulated prize money total of $26,700.

 The Queensland Money Race is an annual tennis event in Australia that was launched in 2013. It is the end goal for players of the Queensland Open Circuit as it aims to support those who consistently participate in Queensland Prize Money tournaments and achieve strong yearly results.

By offering substantial prize money and a competitive platform, the circuit plays a pivotal role in retaining Open-level players, ensuring they are motivated to participate and compete at their best all year long, improving the standard of tennis in Queensland.

Beyond the seasoned players, the circuit also plays a part in shaping the future of tennis by providing essential match-play opportunities for up-and-coming players. The exposure gained during these events becomes the foundation of their player development, helping them improve their skills and progress through the ranks.

The New Head of Competitive Play at Tennis Queensland, Helen Parsons said “As part of the Competitive Play team, we are excited to provide valuable competitive opportunities for players throughout the state.”

“Player development and financial opportunity are top of mind, as we continue to grow and develop in this space. We are excited to offer $210,000 in prizemoney for players this year, finishing with our season-ending Money Race.”

Helen Parsons, who aside from recently accepting a position at Tennis Queensland has also been on the other side of the court as a player.

“As a player myself, the Queensland Open Circuit is a fantastic opportunity to get on court and personally challenge yourself to improve.”

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