Melbourne, Australia, 15 May 2020 | Leigh Rogers

Question: Who is the trivia champion among Australia’s best female players?

With professional tennis currently suspended due to the COVID-19 pandemic, fortnightly trivia nights are keeping a group of Australian women players connected.

Ellen Perez, the world No.41-ranked doubles player, is proving to be the No.1 in trivia.

“Ellen has won every single trivia night. I think everyone is getting sick of her winning,” laughed Storm Sanders, who hosts the fortnightly quizzes on video conference platform Zoom.

“But it’s just a good way to get all the girls together. We talk about how we are going and how we’ve been coping with the isolation. It’s nice to talk about other things too, not just tennis.

“Some girls don’t really want to do the actual quiz, but they’ll still come on and say hello. It’s just a nice way to catch up.”

Trivia regulars include Sanders, Perez, Sam Stosur and Abbie Myers, with up to 12 girls participating each fortnight. Each player contributes to the quiz, submitting five questions on a particular topic of their choice.

“We started off with categories like geography, history and food, but now we are trying to get a little bit more creative. We’ve had Disney and Who Am I’s?” Sanders explained.

“Basically we’re just trying to get Ellen to lose. We’re all pretty competitive and missing competing on court, so trying to find other ways to still have a little bit of competition. It’s been a lot of fun.”

The players have also been staying connected through a WhatsApp group, providing support to each other during this uncertain and challenging time.

To help them stay motivated, Sanders created this video:

“I asked the girls to send me through some videos of them working out and thought it would be a nice thing for us to look at when we needed a bit of motivation,” Sanders said.

“We’re all in the same situation and trying to work through it together. I sent it to all the girls and they loved it.”

The video also attracted a positive response on social media.

“I hope that it provided some inspiration,” Sanders said. “Not just for us, but for all the people at home who love tennis and want to see us on court too. At least they can still see us off court, doing different activities and fitness exercises.”