Melbourne, Australia, 23 January 2020 | Tennis Australia

 There’s food, there’s drinks, there’s a banging soundtrack – and people mingling everywhere.

No, it’s not a party as such, but an Open Court Session, the fun and social way to play tennis.

And the best thing about it is that it’s serious fun, not serious sport.

Now available at more than 1000 Australian clubs, Open Court Sessions is tennis with a modern twist. There’s no longer the need to join a club, sign up for lessons or commit to a weekly competition.

Instead players can participate in a range of dynamic tennis activities, putting a spin on the traditional game with entertaining new formats and a variety of equipment.

All skill levels are welcome and participants can join in the fun with no strings attached.

Matt Dwyer, Tennis Australia’s Chief Tennis Officer, explains how Open Court Sessions provide a fresh way to get more adults back into the game.

“Open Court Sessions is the perfect mix of a casual social hit with friends and the opportunity to enjoy great food and drinks courtside. And most importantly, it fits in to today’s busy lifestyles,” he said.

“Our research shows that people are time poor and they want flexibility and fun with their fitness routines, and Open Court Sessions fits that criteria – just book online and rock up to your local tennis club.

“It’s all about being social, both on and off the court, and we all know how important that is for both physical and mental health.”

Amelia Buckerfield, a lapsed player who reconnected with the game after participating in a pilot program at the Coburg Tennis Club, describes the 90-minute session as the perfect mix of activity and socialising.

“I just had so much fun,” said Amalia. “There was a really nice combination between on-court experiences in terms of the different tennis activities that we got to do and also the off-court social aspect.”

With fun and flexibility the focus, Open Court Sessions have been designed to eliminate the barriers that can prevent some people from participating: there’s no commitment to a club or a full season, all equipment (including a racquet) is provided and players are matched, so any hassle in sourcing a doubles partner is eliminated.

And getting involved has never been easier, with participants able to book a session online in just a few easy clicks.

Visit to join your closest Open Court Session.