Melbourne, Australia, 11 February 2020 |

Book your session and just show up: Let’s face it – one of the main reasons you might not choose tennis is the commitment to a club, a team or a full season of competition. There’s none of that at an Open Court Session, where you book online and just show up. Taking around 90 minutes, there’s a 10-minute warm-up, 50 minutes of fun activities and 30 minutes socialising (imagine – more snacks than serves!) to cap it all off.

No gear? No problem: Everything is supplied for an Open Court Session – and you don’t need to dress like a Grand Slam champion to join in. Just wear comfortable clothes (think sneakers) and arrive at the session, where racquets and balls (including the cool compression ones) will be provided and courts (both full size and mini versions) are all set up and ready for your hit.

You can bring your mates. Or better still, make some new ones: Sick of sitting on the sidelines because you don’t have a tennis partner? You’re not alone there. But one of the best things about an Open Court Session is meeting new people through activities and socialising. And even if you come as part of a group (remember, everyone is welcome!) you’re bound to make some new friends.

No skilled required: Whether it’s been two months, two years, two decades – or maybe you’ve never played at all – an Open Court Session is an opportunity to discover how good (or bad) you are at tennis. There’s no serious competition, so no apologies required, however you play.

Seriously unserious tennis: Forget the traditional tennis thinking of a full-size court, serious scoring and hitting the right shot at the right time. With an emphasis on fun, Open Court Sessions include activities like triples (doubles, with room for one more!) and pickleball – one of the fastest-growing racquet sports in the US, pickleball is played with paddles rather than racquets, and a plastic ball on a mini court. Go on, you’ll want to try it!

More banter than backhand: Activities are designed to be as much (or more) about having a great time as they are about the actual skill. Hosts will help you get to know other people as they take you through an Open Court Session, where the banter is often more impressive than the backhands.

Not so quiet, please: There’s no silence at Open Court Sessions, where activities are completed to a killer soundtrack. Special playlists are designed to keep you moving and add to the overall vibe that Open Court Sessions are more a social hit than the serious type.

Serving up good times: If you’re more into snacks than serves, the social aspect is the best part of all. While food and drink offerings vary between clubs, there’s a snack table at every Open Court Session. Prices vary between clubs but trust us, you’ll return.

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