13 July 2018 | Tennis Australia

Tennis Australia’s Book a Court system has been nominated at the Australian Sport, Recreation and Play Industry Innovation Awards.

The awards aim to recognise and celebrate innovation that has promoted and encouraged more people to play and participate in sport.

Book a Court has been nominated for the Technological Solutions and Products Award which specifically celebrates technology that aims to improve playing or make the administration of sport easier, more enjoyable and enhance performance.

Sportility, a sponsorship and affordable sports uniforms solution and RevolutioniseSPORT, a digital transformation of Australian Sailing are the two other contenders in this category.

The winner will be announced on Tuesday 17 July as part of the 2018 National Sports Convention in Melbourne, Victoria.

The National Sports Convention will see more than a dozen collaborators and over 125 global and Australian organisations come together to encourage the industry to be more innovative in the way it plans, funds, and provides active recreation and community opportunities. More than 900 delegates will attend the conference making it the largest community sport convention in the southern hemisphere.